San Francisco Bay Area

We drove our rental car to the home of Felicity Wright, a former member of our church who recently graduated from a UCC seminary and took the senior pastorship of Arlington Community Church. We had a nice dinner and spent the rest of the daylight walking around her church area taking these pictures.
The church is in Kensington, an aging community adjacent to the Berkeley campus of the University of California.
Auditorium -- we went to a children's concert here the next day.
Finding the park wasn't hard. Lake Merritt was right next to  Broadway Autopark, where our dealer was located, and it had shade, birds, and and a nearby Starbucks to buy a paper. 
Around 2 PM, we collected Felicity, and headed to Sausilito for a scenic walk-around. 
The church has many levels -- lotsa stairs. Never elevated.

Playground outside.

The next day, Felicity had some work to do -- like prepare a sermon for the day after. We decided to take our rental car back to the Mercedes dealer to check that they were REALLY replacing our air conditioner, buy a New York Times, and find a pretty park and read.
The map above shows the area. Oakland and Berkeley are on the right. We took 580 so Felicity wouldn't have to fight San Francisco traffic. You see the Golden Gate bridge we didn't take because of car trouble. We talked to Felicity about Kris, Andy and Alison who have marketed games all over. Felicity saw the shop below and wanted to see if they sold any of them.
Looney Labs won!!! they were selling Fluxx and the gal behind the counter showed her a well worn, often played deck. 
From Sausilito, you get a nice view of the city of San Francisco with the Bay bridge on the left. Actually, it was lots foggier than the picture, but Photoshop has a way of cutting through the fog and smog.
Below is Alcatraz with the Bay bridge behind. Highly telephoto and color corrected. It was really very misty.
And above is Angel Island looking toward Richmond. (check the Bay map above.) This was pretty much how it looked. 
Walking along the Warf. 

Angel Island with pretty bird in foreground.

What pretty flowers!

What struck me about the scene above is how the duck, the bird on the pole, and the sailboat make a perfectly straight line toward San Francisco. Do you realize how long I had to wait for that to happen?  

Dinner with Felicity -- at a restaurant.

This is Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

More of the same.

Breakfast with Felicity, at her house the next morning.

The cool, busy street near Stanford University.
And this is Don Knuth, Elaine, Marv, and Jill Knuth. Our last stop before we head for Long Beach, California  with a cool, air conditioned Mercedes!!!!

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