Table of Contents for Western Trip 2005.

WEEK 1. Maryland to Mammoth Springs,Yellowstone.              
Day 1,2. Illinois:  Marv's memory lane.
Day 3 -6 : St. Louis to Cody, Wyoming
Day 7. Cody to Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone
   Afternoon, Artist Point to Lower Terrace, Mammoth springs.

WEEK 2. Yellowstone, Seattle, Olympia and Portland.

Day 1, Colorado River Walk. West of Mammoth Springs
    That afternoon, Colorado River Drive
     Later that day, and next morning:  Upper Terrace Drive
Day 2. Leaving for Old Faithful via Norris.
     Our 4.4 Mile Walk through Geyser land.
Day 3.  Drive to West Thumb and on to Missoula and Seattle.
Day 6.  The sights we saw Friday  in Seattle.
Day 7.  Our Cloudy day on Mt. St. Helens.

Week 3. Down the Oregon Coast to Long Beach, CA.

Monday, Day 1. Astoria. and Lewis & Clark lore.
                          Ecola State Park
Tuesday, Day 2   To Bandon, Oregon.
Wednesday, Day 3  To Santa Rosa, CA
       Days 4,5,6     San Francisco Bay Area
Sunday, Day 7     Long Beach, California

Week 4; Back East to Austin, Texas.

Monday, Day 1. To Organ Pipe National Monument
Tuesday, Day 2. Phoenix and Tucson.
Wednesday & Thursday, Days 3 & 4,  Kerrville, Texas

Week 5; Our week in Austin, Texas
Friday -- Our Sailing Trip
        Saturday -- our Parting Party
        Sunday --  Homeward Bound