Since we stayed one day longer than we anticipated and it happened to be June 18, 2005, our 45th wedding anniversary, Ruth thoughtfully (and quickly) arranged a party for us and invited many people that we know in Tucson.

This is the view from the front door of Ruth's house. I think that is Brett's dad's Mercedes parked in front.

Ruth and Brett on the couch . . .

Friends . . .

and friends . . .

There was plenty to eat . . .

You've got to admit. That huge picture really dominates that room. If you haven't been there, the pictures from above were taken from a  balcony directly above the photographer taking this picture.
Clyde Duder, David Melber and David's wife. Clyde and David were both involved in campus ministery in DeKalb.
This painting ("The Empty City") used to live in our cathedral ceiling bedroom and now resides in Ruth's living room. 
. . . and Dustan at the computer.
  from below . . .

from above.

 and plenty to talk about.
Elaine, Hilya, Clyde's wife, and Leila and Clint. Clint's mother Kay Landry lived next door to us in Laurel. Kay and Ron, her husband,  now live in Austin.
Ruth and Brett. They were engaged, then dis-engaged, and now are seeing each other regularly again. Combining two families with teenagers is a real challenge. We wish them well. 

Homeward bound -- Sunday, June 19. As usual, we drove through Jackson, Miss. and Greenville, SC to visit my two sisters.

But first, we had to see the school where Ruth accepted a new high school teaching job. It's pictured below.

Left to right, Debbie, Richard and Vic.

Lin, Marv's sister with Savannah, Richard and Debbie's child.
Sylvia, another daughter of Richard and Debbie.

We brought home carry-out Chinese food for dinner that night, and were off to Greenville, South Carolina.

OK -- I'll I.D. each person once in this set. This is Samantha,

Another Samantha with mother Catherine

James, husband of Catherine.

Marv, Helen and Fred

and Mark with Fred.
hiding in the background.
Sister Helen, having an enlightening experience
 Elaine, Helen and Fred.

Home on June 21st, the Summer Solstice.  The four pictures below shows exactly where the sun sets on the longest day of the year.  It's right above Frank and Ruth Erk'sbedroom -- friends from Riderwood and church. I told Frank we have a Stonehenge connection with them.

For the record, these pictures were taken on 6/21/2005 at 8:06,
8:07, 8:07 and 8:08 P.M respectively.

Thanks for looking at these pictures. I'd love to hear from you. 

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