Stepping back a bit from our lunch pictures in the last session, this is the town of Assisi seen from the road from a distance.
This is the view of our climb up the hill toward our lunch.
And this is the Franciscan Monastery Louis referred to earlier. We will have a lot more of this later.
Our pretty guide was very informative. Clearly, I should have used fill flash here so we could have seen her hand.
Our tour began, continued, and finished in the rain. 14th century Temple of Minerva and the 13th century, Torre del Comune, site of the old Roman Forum. More about that below.
This is a 13th century building which then served as a hospice for pilgrims and now served as a respite from the rain.
This building used to be situated right in from of a precipice.
So, there had to be steps between the columns -- very unusual.
Now the temple is Santa Maria Sopra Minerva - interior of the above.
Basilica of St. Francis
This is a small courtyard in the Franciscan Convent
This wooden platform is at the head of the long courtyard.
This shows the rest of the long courtyard.
Remember watching this guy lower the furniture out of the window?
After driving back to Perugia, we climbed the escalator to the upper town and walked to a restaurant where we had another tour dinner.
Marianne, John, Cita, Susan, Anne, Drew, Beth, Elaine, Henry
Irma, Judy, Glenda, Frank, Linda, Beth
Brian, Martha, Thelma, Ricki, Jonathan, Al, Fielding, Joe, Pat
Roast Beast
Bill, Steve, Risa, Robin, Bill, Susan
Bill, Susan, Ben, Rob, Rhonda, Dianne, Bill, Steve, Risa
Mitch, Ellen, Carolyn, Alice, Jan, Walu, JoEllen, Joe
Our next stop was our drive from Perugia, through Todi, to Rome.

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