Perugia, through Todi, to Rome

This is some church located in the top city of Perugia.
A ruin of sorts seen on the way down on the escalator.
Temple of St. Fortunato in Todi. The altar in the Temple. The statue of St. Peter in the Temple.
On the way up the elevator to the top level of Todi, Martha began talking to another singing tour group. She found out that at the top of the elevator was the father of her friend Cindy.  He sings with a Choral Society in  NJ. They sang in Rome the same night we did.
Looking over the upper city of Todi, with and without Elaine.
More scenic views of this beautiful place. Thanks, Bob, for
seeing to it that we stopped here.
Martha, Brian, Bob and Barbara and us eating lunch, Bob found it listed in his guidebook.
In case you ever want to find it someday.
The thinnest, tastiest pizza's I've ever eaten. That huge beer was two bucks.
  Inside the Duomo in Todi The beautiful rose window and painting.
The Piazza Del Populo in Todi. We all met on these steps to have our picture taken. Since I was in the picture, I couldn't take one.
After a drive, here we are in Rome. At the Note Holly, Elaine, Brian with arm around Martha, we think, Lani, and Zvia.
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