Our Rehearsal, Concert, Afterplay and Trip to Vienna

Beautiful chorus president and flowers.

Left is the beautiful sanctuary in New Dome Cathedral, Linz, where we sang our third concert.  As seen below, there were no risers with seats, so we improvised during the rehearsal and stood all through the concert. Bob didn't seem to mind our backs. See him between Mary and Beth.
Between rehearsal and concert was a quiet time by the lily pond. This is Bob, Bob's reflection, and Robin.

One lonely blossom

After the concert, we had a glass or two of wine at the reception, and a very good meal at Papa Joe's Cafe.

The beer was plentiful and very tall. Food was non-Austrian. I'm so glad Cita brought her Elph.

Back at the hotel, the night view of Linz was very pleasant.
I didn't notice until this morning that the winged statue in front of the Hotel Nike was split down the middle. That could make a great CSI plot.



The beautiful chancel area

The spectacular organ at the back

We descend into the crypt. It was spooky down here.

Bob began an improvised Locus Iste and abruptly stopped when we were told that they were locking us in the crypt!

This is the entrance into St. Florians' courtyard.

Finally, we made an additional stop at Melk Abby. Elaine and I were Abbyed out, and didn't buy a ticket.
Another Glenda picture. Her collection of pictures are fantastic, and we hear from her that she is starting to build her web site. When she posts her pictures from Melk Abby, we will include a link to her site. 

    With our arrival in Vienna, we have two days and three nights to play, rehearse and sing.

Next morning, we were off to Vienna via St. Florians.

St. Florians. We were really in for a treat!

The choir area inside the church - note all the babies

A closer view of the front chancel

EVERYONE took pictures of the ornate ceiling

I had never see anything like this -- a wall of skulls.

A close up of macho man holding up the archway.
A picture by Glenda of the Melk Abby courtyard.
Our Vienna hotel -- near the Schönbrunn Palace.

Next, Our first day in Vienna, including the House of Music!

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