Our Linz Walking Tour

Our tour guide, telling us about the Brucknerhaus.  

Across the river, we see in the distance the twin towers of the Pilgrimage Church on the Postlingberg.
The interior of the Old Cathedral  -- Linz map 5.
This is the interior square of "Mozart House".   He lived in that corner. The outside of "Mozart house".

Above are the stained glass windows.




The exterior of the New Dome cathedral.  



 The little yellow choo choo on the Landstrasse

A bust of the great composer.

.Taken outside the parish church. (5 on the Linz map if you still have it.)
A life size chess game taking place in the square.
  This is Kepler's House. Close up of plaque.  



Elaine stands by our Linz concert ad. 


The inside of the back of the cathedral is pictured on the right with it's majestic organ.

Drew sits below the large advertisement of our concert in the "New Dome." .

The front of the New Cathedral. Note the red banner that reflects the sound toward the congregation. Our best acoustic.


As best as I can guess from the map, this is the Ursuline Church on the Landstrasse, 
# 26 on your Linz map.  

The column of the Holy Trinity on the  Landstrassa.




Our room is on the 12th floor of the hotel, giving us the four aerial pictures left and below.

We did bring our swim suits, but that would have been some dive!

Next, our rehearsal, concert, and afterwards.
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