A French Wine Tasting Experience


After our Colmar visit, our coach took a 'long-cut', through the wine country in Alsace to the village of Ribeaufille. But first, this beautiful picture on the left was taken by Beth Riggs somewhere in Colmar, and I couldn't resist posting it. Thanks, Beth.

This is the vineyards on the hills above the village. Thanks, Jen.
Another Gem by Jen. This was seen immediately after leaving our coach -- two storks nesting above a tall steeple. Below, a digital close up of the same pair.
This is the wine tasting room, which was shortly filled with lots of us TWC-ers tasting three types of French wines. 
And this is the village with a beautiful castle on the hill.
Jen in front of a LOT of wine. Thanks for your pictures.
Finally, we are being told all about French winemaking by a guide. An adjacent museum told us all about the fine art.
Finally, back in Freiburg, we dashed into the old square to see the inside of the cathedral, which was occupied with a high, holy, mass when we took the walking tour. Today, it was empty of worshipers, and we could take pictures at will. These two are of the whole sanctuary, a far view and a closer view of the front. These were bean-bag time exposures.
The windows were stunning. A view of one of the pipe organs.
Too late to climb into the steeple, we saw this spectacular building across the square from the cathedral.
It seems the mayor of Frieburg is a friend of Leo's and this was his very last day in office. They were invited to the blast, which was about to start. 
There were Leo and Joel, dressed to kill at a very formal affair.
Finally, after dinner, we take this last, late evening picture of our hotel for two nights, and say goodbye to our first stop of the tour.  Tomorrow, we are off to our first concert in Ehingen. Check the map for it's location!

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