Ehingen, our first concert.

They welcomed us first in a little village north of Ehingen, at a place called Schloss-Muhle.  I believe Muhle stands for "mill" because, you guessed it, there was a working water mill in the back. And they were all waiting for us.  When the coach pulled in, our two tour guides, Claire and Heather met the mayor of the village of Allmendingen.

Here is our table

Below are Clare and Heather, our ACFEA reps, and Claudia.

There are Jan and Steve, in deep background. 

Here is the church where we eventually sang, the Stadtpfarrkirche St. Blasius.

The coach ride was uneventful, and we stopped in a little village pictured above called Sigmaringen for a quick lunch. It was situated right on the Danube River and looked like a splendid place to visit someday. Not today. We had a date with a celebrity. 

Schloss-Muhle  --  our grand welcome

After we debarked, we were all poised with our cameras trying to capture  every interesting scene. There is Michael,  and Goeff, and Steve, a very picturesque person indeed, and of course, Claudia.  We are deeply indebted to the photo artist from Ehingen for taking all these pictures and giving them all to us on. CDs. Who needs a digital camera? But the best  was yet to come. They had a brass band to welcome us. 

Their music was enthusiastic, and they were well supplied with the foamy stuff. We were not allowed to join them since we had a rehearsal that afternoon to attend. We would have opportunity later. 

A very happy Suzie, Cheryl and Barbara.

This is the inside of the church.. I am indebted to Glenda who sent me her pictures from Germany. My camera stopped functioning from here on. Thanks to everyone for contributing cameras and pictures.
We entered the church and immediately went to the back to warm up.
This was the first time Bob had the orchestra to rehearse.
When we were all assembled, we had a very intensive rehearsal with the Suddeutsche Kammer Philharmonie.

We were very well prepared.

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