Kayenta to Grand Canyon - Day 9

This is a map of our trip on Day 9. Kayenta, top right, Grand Canyon, bottom left. Actually, the day was more complicated.

After staying at the Hampton Inn in Kayenta, we went back north to just above the Arizona/Utah state line on our bus.
These three scenes were taken through our bus windows.
She asked if anyone here had long hair. Elaine volunteered
She used the yellow string she made into a nice hair piece.
From this point on, we were in Goulding's little busses.

The two pictures above should really be stitched ...  

This is Gouldings Lodge just over the state line in Utah.
We all piled into a Female Hogan for a demonstration of American Indian handiwork.
This is who I followed for the rest of the day.
The picture above has a sign on it that is really too hard to read. I've enlarged it below --we're 4 miles from Monument valley.
to the picture above as my stitching software did to produce the single picture below.

This rock is called "Snoopy". What do you think?

Since they are driving, we had lots of things we could buy.

Three pictures of "Three Sisters", and somebody's cap.

Below, Elaine took the best picture of John Ford Point.

Bill at Elephant butte.

Lining up for lunch and eating a yummy steak at 11 A.M.
Elaine shot the very best single picture of right and left mitten.
  Below, the horse and it's rider is coming back from the point.

Back at the lodge by noon.

We got our first view of the Grand Canyon at four PM this Tuesday. We entered the park village, the bus drove us by the lodge where we were staying, then on to the IMAX. Lots of activities happened that evening, but all this and the next day will be covered in the next web page.

Day 10: Grand Canyon