Web Design and Maintenance


If you are a Small Business and would like to get more exposure for your product or services, MarLaine Services can design and maintain a web site tailored to your situation. If you are a Church and would like a web site to announce your upcoming events, post all or some of your sermons, provide information for attracting new members, MarLaine Services has extensive experience in servicing such a situation. See Church's web site for an example of our work. If you are a Traveler and Photographer, and would like to post your pictures on a web site for your customers, friends, or family to view, MarLaine Services can set up and maintain a web picture album for you to display your most treasured photographs. If you have a digital camera, additional pictures can be emailed to us along with suitable captions. Paper photographs must be mailed to us for scanning. For examples of albums we have set up, please view http://www.marlaine.com/personal/Hsale/index.htm , http://www.marlaine.com/personal/SANANTON/san.htm or http://www.marlaine.com/travel98/GrnNov98/sandburg.htm .

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