This is the home of the people we were visiting in San Antonio. They are here on a 3 year PCS from DoD, and we knew them the three years were in England.

This is a Live Oak tree in their back yard - a kind of oak unfamiliar to us, but very "around" in Texas.
Cindy and Glen Bellefeuille. Cindy was one of the persons that helped us with the American Newsletter in ENGLAND, and she met and married Glen before leaving England. Her new baby, (a little girl, by the way) was born the very next day after this picture was taken.
This is Logan Marquardt and Matthew Bellefeuille.
Logan, Matthew, Karen and Craig Marquardt, and Elaine.
A very nice picture of Karen and Logan. She is no longer working since she took an early out to raise her beautiful child. He was very sleepy when he woke up from his nap at 6 P.M. when we arrived, but recovered completely to stay awake well after we all went to bed.