Our one day in Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, is a city similar to Washington, DC in that it is located on a vast inlet that is exposed to a mighty ocean. For Washington, the ocean is the Atlantic via the Potomac river, but for Seattle, the waterway is the Puget Sound that borders on Canada. Between Seattle and the ocean are the mighty Olympic Mountains and National Forest. For Washington, it's the flat plains of eastern Maryland and Delaware. We spent one day in a region that deserves a whole vacation. 

     On the map left, Seattle is near the center. We came in on I90 to the airport area, seen as an orange airplane, and went only to two places; Green Lake Park and the Space Needle, which is what is left of the World's Fair of 1962.  We then went to Olympia, which is the current home of Richard and Marla Schreck, once members of our UCC church. Mt. St. Helens was our next destination in the next web page.

The docks below are among the busiest in the country.
But, our first goal is to walk around Green Lake seen at the top of the above map. Here it is in detail.
There's Elaine, taking more movies. Didn't solve that problem until this evening at the Scheck's. 
The yellow flowers below were really beautiful. They literally lined the lake. I'm not sure what they are called.
At this point, we are across from the point we started -- at the right east side of the lake. Click for a  panoramic view.

Elaine leading the way. 

This was the party. Lots of music on Elaine's video.

This is Seattle. It's similar to New York and San Francisco in that water surrounds the city. The  center of town is seen below. 
If you are interested in reading about this lake, it is posted at Green Lake Park.
Actually, Elaine recorded this dude playing his drums.
It was a beautiful, sunny day. Rare in Seattle.

Yeah, I'm coming 

Little bit of algae here. My blurred close-up focused on the pole. That's the trouble with auto focus. 

To the left is a large map of Seattle with the Space needle right in the center. the next pictures are taken from that needle. We only had 30 minutes of parking to use, and we had to queue to get tickets, queue to take the lift to the top, take all our pictures, and queue to take the lift down. We were only late by five minutes and didn't have a ticket on our car.

Looking north. I think we walked clockwise; the map might help.

The picture below is waiting to board the lift

These two above and the two below are matched pairs.
and the ones above and below are from the descending lift.
 . . .We stayed at with Dick and Marla Schreck that evening in Olympia and we are about to leave from here this morning, on the way to Mt. St. Helens

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