Phoenix -- Tucson and the Russell Miller family

After Organ Pipe National Monument, we drove north to Phoenix, Arizona to spend the evening with Russell and Debra Miller and their two sons. The first thing Elaine saw after entering their house is the painting her mother made of their North Forty property in Wisconsin. There it is.       

Russell and Uncle Marv shooting the breeze

Little Joe

Joe doing the trampoline

Debra and Luke thinking under the fish.

And again, Luke, Russell, Debra and Joe.

The reason for spending a night in Tucson after we had spent a whole week in Tucson in March to see the flowers, was to drive again up Mt. Lemmon and ride the ski tram over the city with our "Two for One" pass. It hadn't expired. Also, seeing all those blooming saguaro's from the top seemed worth it.

This was the approach to Mt. Lemmon.

That little point pictured directly below is  "Needle Point"  is the highest point in this Mt. Lemmon range. We decided this would be a "Climb every mountain, stop at every overlook" drive. We were not in a hurry today. We had already checked into our spacious motel room -- very cheap this hot time of year.


Luke, Russell, Debra and Joe

Joe's hand, Russell, Marv, Debra and Luke

And so, we leave Phoenix the next morning and drive the short distance to Tucson, Arizona. First stop, a photo shop in Tucson.
When trying to look at our pictures on the laptop at Russell's house, Elaine accidentally tried to remove my card while it was deleting. Bought a new one here.
Every one of the Saguaro's has a red or yellow bloom.
The sign below explains the Cholla to the left. 

Our first panoramic shot. Two pictures which stitched together very nicely.

This overlook (three minutes later) was spectacular.

The was a sign showing this panoramic view,

There was a terrible fire here and this is the construction to repair the burned out buildings.
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and I am astonished that I didn't take it with my Nikon.
We had lunch here, and then went up to the ski lift. Darn, it wasn't open on Tuesday!

Next, our drive to Kerrville, Texas

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