Our cloudy day on Mt. St. Helens

Don't see any takers for helicopter rides.
There were two places to view the crater -- well, not view it.

You can't walk up to the crater.

We just arrived at the start of route 504 -- time for lunch!
For a great panoramic view of this valley, click HERE.
I would guess this car park would have been crowded on a better day.
We were already suspecting we wouldn't see it today.
But our photography pooped out shortly after this panoramic shot was taken. We were in the clouds seeing nearly nothing.
When we were supposed to actually see the crater produced by the violent eruption, it was all in the clouds. We really expected that. But that sign on the left was very informative.
I would have picked him out of a crowd as being a Holtzen.
On the way down, we eventually drove out of the clouds and could see the pretty rocks and scenery. Well, we tried.
Finally, we arrived at Portland and stayed with Dennis and Marilyn Holtzen -- Elaine never met her, and hasn't seen him, her cousin,  in over fifty years. Well, I guess that's a lie. Claire said he was at Claire and Jerry's wedding, and that would have been 47 years ago.


But we couldn't leave without getting a closer look at her beautiful little dog.  What a cutie.

Next, we visit Astoria, Oregon -- the last stop of the Lewis and Clark expedition.          

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