Two days to Kerrville, Texas
We are off on Thursday morning to El Paso, which is located on the US side of the border across from Cludad Juarez. It's about half way between Tucson and Kerrville. Why Kerrville? Ruth made us PROMISE to make sure we got to the Kerrville Folk Festival on Friday afternoon and join her and her family for a camping adventure.  Please join us.
The name of the plant above really stumps us. We must have seen many of those prickly things in May, but without bloom.
They even plant them in conspicuous places at rest stops.
Below, we are on our way to El Paso, but still in New Mexico.
Also, at the bottom, to fuzzy to see at this resolution, you see that it was Latitude 32 - 16, Longitude 106 - 52. The map above marks that place, just outside of Las Cruces.
And now, they seem to be blooming in perfusion.
The red rocks above the red truck is interesting strata.
Close up of blooms and seed pods, we think.
No idea what the statue of the critter is --  no sign whatsoever.
Here we photographed our PC with the red marker showing our position. Two maps don't quite agree, for some reason.
After spending a relaxing evening in El Paso, getting diesel fuel at a reasonable price, and noting how distinctively Texas that city is, we headed almost directly west to the little town of Kerrville. South of Kerrville a few miles is the site of the folk festival which we will attend Friday evening
Our tent below is one that isn't being used by the group this evening, so we were invited to use it. Ruth has hooked up with a group that camps here for 18 days each summer.
It was a very spacious tent.  Huge compared with our pup tent.

This, their living room.

After depositing our overnight stuff, we had to park our car. It looked like rain -- the very rain we drove through getting here.

This is the stage -- not too crowded yet.

Actually, the best performances are the groupies that were allowed to dance and carry on just beyond that rope.
As I was in the loo, I heard them introducing Arlo. 
Above and below - Albert & Gage
Arlo's daughter also performed with her group from SC, but we never got a good picture.
And there to your left is the entrance gates of Kerrville Folk Festival, summer 2005.
She sets up her tent, and had a pup tent ready for us. The person owning this tent felt sorry for our advanced age and offered it.

This space serves as the kitchen

That's Jenelle -- easy to spot with her bright red dress.
And finally, we are seated for the performances.

The first set performing

They were the most interesting yet.
I went for some food and saw the flower girl doing the same.

I believe this is Albert & Gage from Austin. 

Jenelle and Mom carrying on. Getting too dark for non-flash.
And Arlo himself -- a fabulous performer. Did Alice's Restaurant and several more. We bought a CD of the performance.