On to Santa Rosa, and the San Francisco Bay area.

This is mainly a seascape drive -- about 130 miles, mostly along

After another 45 minutes, this appeared.

The very end of the bay up closer, . . . 

We were plunged into forest for a bit 

Man on a rock a few minutes after the forest.

. . . close up above were taken from the same overlook.
and this one might connect. They were taken at the same time.

There they are up close.

Our last view of the Pacific Ocean in the whole trip. We are about to leave the coast for Santa Rosa.  Sniffff!

I'm phoning the Mercedes dealer in Oakland. They had scant evidence of my appointment to fix our air conditioner. I talked to the very person a dealer talked to from Washington State. He had the parts I needed, but I wasn't scheduled.  Grrrr!

the pacific ocean. These two views were about 10 minutes apart. 
In another 40 minutes, this beautiful bay appeared.
. . . and even closer yet.
which photographed nicely.
This photograph of a lovely bay, the rock left, and . . .
It's too bad I can't stitch diagonally, because the one above 
 30 minutes later, see the bathers up in the right corner?

The rocks at the end of the outcropping.

The home of the Jesus Seminar at Santa Rosa. That's why we took this side trip. We meant to return to the coast.
The Jesus Seminar library. They've since moved. We decided to go directly to the dealer in Oakland skipping the Golden Gate Bridge. I resolved to find the bloke's office in Oakland, storm in and say, "If you don't fix my car tomorrow, I'll kill you."

Such drastic action wasn't necessary. The bloke said I should leave the car, hire one for a day, and he could "almost" guarantee it would be repaired by the next afternoon. The 38 bucks for the car hire was peanuts compared to the $1,800 bucks to replace the air conditioner.

NEXT, our three days in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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