Our Week in Austin, Texas
Additional topics:  Come Sail with UsOur Saturday Party and our Trip Home. 
This 41 year old could do everything musical. Here she sings.

Dustan and Jenelle's grandparents.

This is Brett, Ruth's current boy friend. You will see more of him. I stupidly left my camera home, and Brett took all of these.
She had an accomplice perform with her doing drums. 
You won, Ruth. You dragged me here reluctantly, and I loved it.
After our Saturday morning Shabbat, we decided to head to  Ruth's house in Austin. We would prepare supper and told Ruth and the kids they could leave the festival anytime they wished so long as we knew when to have dinner prepared. If I remember correctly, we shopped and made tuna casserole with mushrooms.  

     The next day was very relaxed, and Ruth insisted that we attend a home concert given by one Zoe Lewis. Of course, I would have rather relaxed all day, but reluctantly agreed. It's good I did, because the concert was totally fantastic -- almost  competing with Arlo Guthrie on Friday. Well, not quite.

Behind Jenelle is the house that sponsored the event. They sold things -- not sure we bought anything. The audience consisted of friends of the performers and of the owners of the gift shop.

A very small audience -- she normally charges $1,500 per performance. Not here, I bet.
Here, she is banging some clickie things together.
At the break, an electronic piano arrived and she played that beautifully.
She ended the show with a sing-a-long using a really big crib sheet for the audience. Great show!

Monday was a relaxed day -- Ruth made us an excellent meal of

Our next adventure (Wednesday) was our trip to Schlitterbahn. 

A waterpark is an amusement park where all the rides are water based.

They furnished inner tubes for us to use.

I lost my hat somewhere here -- an attendant gave it to me.

The speed was really scary.

The sign says small children and weak swimmers should exit.

Ruth and kids left us here to read and relax.

Ruth must be back -- who else would have taken this?

Walking back to the main gate.    
Why would anyone come here without swim wear?

A surfboard test. You surf down that slide, and the huge wave tries to sink you. I took three, and only this guy survived. 
With Elaine's telephoto, I managed to get a couple just starting their first slide down the abyss. We didn't ride it.
Next, Come Sail with Us.
catfish -- after we shopped for the grub, and had lunch below.
  It's a water park just north of San Antonio -- south of Austin.

Here, we are unpacking duds on "our" table for today.

We took the main water-ride. The pictures from here on were taken of the ride after we survived ours. The camera would have been soaked.
We didn't. Part of the ride goes through a real river -- no chlorine.
The picture above was taken over an hour later. We're reading.

Whatta grouch!

 Actually,  it's cheaper if you promise not to get wet! 
That river above is described on the yellow sign to it's left. 
The ride above comes with a huge warning on the left.
On the right is another challenging ride. the rider is pulled up to the top if the pole on the right, and then swings down just a few feet from the people swimming in the pool below. No Thank You! 

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