Wales -- Second day and more.

And so, we are off to the coast of Wales. The map above shows our target for the day, Fishguard. One reason for stopping so soon was the tiny little knob of land between Newport and Fishguard. There is a nice footpath we were planning to take and Fishguard is a well known ferry terminal we wanted to explore. 
We'll start this episode with a very wide panoramic view of the Welsh countryside with our car in the far right. Click on  Scratch and when you scroll right to the car, look carefully at the left corner of the bumper.  Then return to this page.
Not sure what Elaine is getting out of the back seat of our car, but I noticed on the picture the scrape we got backing up into a stone wall. Here it is magnified. We worried all the way back to Heathrow what the rental car company would say. They had a 1,000 pound hold on our Master Card. They never saw it and our 3 week rental only cost $490.
Approaching Fishguard, Elaine suddenly shouted, "I see it. Stop the car."  What she saw is just below the arrow above. And the telephoto to the right certainly confirmed it. 
There's Elaine having tea overlooking the beautiful view of Lower Fishguard Bay. 
These are my photographs of the views. Above  Lower Fishguard. Right/above is a telephoto of the boat with Goodwick being the hills behind. That is the place where the ferry leaves for Ireland. Right shows the hills behind our Bed and Breakfast. These are clearly part of the Black Mountains. 
We should have been worried about getting a room. We stopped in Newport to book one in Fishguard, but again everything was booked. After hearing the woes from travelers that slept in their car for two nights, we found a place that had two rooms available. It's ad is pictured above, and Elaine didn't try to book there since they only had three rooms.

You see our footpath high in the above picture.  The pictures below shows us climbing higher and higher from the beach.

Until it fades from our view. 

Looking down into a chasm. 
The highest point above is Dina's Head -- our half way point.
This is the half way style. View below looks to next beach.
There are sheep in this picture -- hard to see.
I think that's Needle Rock - B on the map. 
Rounding the bend into the next beach.
Above and right gets closer and closer to next beach.
Though a thicket of shrubbery and trees.

Finally, we are at beach level. Not as populated

Above is a ruined church in Cwm-yr-Eglys which was destroyed  in  10/25/59 along with 114 ships.

The beach from which we left. 

No time for drinking tea. We planned to drive back a few miles to Dina's Island -- which is near the village of Dina's Head. The walking map is to the left. It once was an island in prehistoric times. We started our walk at A which is a beautiful beach, and walk clockwise all around to D, another beach. It's all cliffs and beaches. 

There were lots of cars -- a very popular place.

A close look at the crack in the cliff on the left.
View from the point of Dina's head.
Pretty Lady on the rock -- if you remembered our url, Hi!
Just in case, here's a close up.
Pretty lady in a turnstyle
Lady above doesn't like rocks. Sand below is better.
as the previous one. Now we have to find the path back.
This was our starting point. The glacial meltwater channel from D to E  connecting the two beaches was hardly photogenic.
Back in our roomy B & B. Best buy for 22 pounds sterling.

Enough for one page. Next, our Carew Castle walk in Pembrokeshire.