Stackpole Quay and the Stackpole Head walk

This is the magnificent Stackpole Quay in the Borofundle Bay. It was a beautiful
 day and it surprised me that so few people were taking advantage of it.

Stackpole was our next stop. After driving to the car park, walking South past Larts Cove, we come to the Quay. We follow the dotted line around Stackpole Head, and proceed to find the little red line I inserted so we could get back to our car. 

These kids are in trouble when the tide comes in.
But soon, we are climbing again.
That's where we will get another view of the beach.
And again, there are the holes, and the path we take later.
Can you imagine someone diving into that water from the top?
We eventually asked these two pretty walkers if they knew where we had to turn back -- to take my red line.
It's later in the day and not so populated. Nice tree outline, eh?
Up, up and eventually there.
Yup -- the tide did come in. Not much left of the castle.
Looking back from where we came, we note that we will have to climb that incline on the way back when we are tired.
From higher up, holes in rocks present me with irresistible photo possibilities. Note those people way in the left-top corner walking on a footpath. I'll talk about it later on.
See -- I wasn't kidding. We have come a long way.

Hole close-up.

Cliffs, cliffs and more cliffs.

Not sure if this a needle or a hole.

We followed them and soon were back on the return footpath heading back to our beach. 

Heading toward the dreaded incline

There are those holes again, from the other side. An earlier picture was taken from the top of that far cliff.
Took a little side trip to a boat launching place.
Picture left appears to be the way down, but picture above is the actual route -- down a vertical ladder. No Thanks!

Next, our evening with Ken and Mary Scorfield and our trip back into England and Salisbury Cathedral.