Wales -- The spectacular cliffs of Pembrokeshire

 The map left shows the general area of our next two days. Pembroke is a port city but just south is the rocky coast we wanted to explore. Ken and Mary live near Tenby, the village on the right and the Carew  Castle is so insignificant, it doesn't even appear on this map. We stayed in that blank area between Pembroke and the sea. Details will follow. The best maps I found were photographed on signposts in the areas we visited.

This was to be our home for two nights -- St. Govan's Inn, Bosherston. Our room was in the back. It's a very popular pub in the area, noted more for its good food than its rooms.
The publican, Warren, is at the left of the above picture.  We had a drink here when we arrived but we had a lot to accomplish that day, so we couldn't tarry.
The map below shows all of our walks. First, Bosherton (center of map) is the village where we stayed. Our first walk is at the extreme left of the map, Stack Rocks and The Green Bridge of Wales. Directly below Bosherton is St. Govan's Chapel, just to the right of Bosherton are the Lily Ponds, and the extreme right is Stackpole Head. Each section will be illustrated separately.
We had to take our trip to the Green Bridge of Wales that day since it was Monday, the last day of the last bank holiday of the summer. The next day, the military would close the route to this site for tank operations. Scary sign below.

Stack Rocks -- There is nothing I can add to this.

The Green Bridge of Wales. We saw this in a book in the USA
Green bridge -- closer.
This is Kurt -- standing on the green bridge waving to friends.

This is a detail of the above map. We wanted to view the Green Bridge of Wales and the Stack rocks. I think we got as far as the Flimston Bay before returning.
and organized our trip so we could actually see this.
A real close up of the water splashing up against the rocks.
Back to the Stack Rocks, but not before being warned!!!!!

The above picture is a stitch of four I took and it takes in much of what we are about to display.
Below, is the picture you usually see of the Stack Rocks. Mine is a stitch of two which I did in photoshop.

Clearly, I like pictures of rocks through 
which you can see the sea. 

This was a huge hole in the ground with sea below

The Stack Rocks from a different point of view

This is Kurt, Suzanne and Leo from Berlin. 

Another hold in rock -- a little harder to see.
I believe this is Filmston bay -- see little map above.
That rock in the center is inhabited with birds. (see left) 

Elaine was always holding my belt when I took these.

Back to our pub and B & B.  Kurt and Suzanne there without  Leo. We had a very nice dinner and could scout the menu for the next evening when Ken and Mary would be joining us. Now, join us in our visit to St. Governs Chapel.

Next, our walking day in Pembrokeshire beginning with the St. Govan Chapel.