Carew Castle - St. Mary's Church

This B&B was fantastic. The owner said the property was in his family for hundreds of years, but he rebuilt it in 1979.
Our next target was Pembroke, seen on the map below as Pembroke Dock. It is a thriving dock town with shipping trade with the rest of the word. Tenby was our next goal.

This is the inner ward of the castle

This is a theatre which actually does plays from time to time.


This the    Entrance porch of the castle. It's really nicely kept up. Nobody lives there, however

Looking down into the center court from an upper window.

Left, this is the turret of the castle. Note on the right those rock window openings. I'm surprised they survived.


He claimed it would be worth millions of pounds sterling now, but they enjoy sharing it with travelers.
One can see why more than three rooms would be a problem for traffic. This was one lane for a long time.
Carew Castle will be the subject of these next pictures. The walk described below is two miles and visits the old Carew Castle pictured above, the old reconstructed Mill, and St. Mary's Church in Cheriton. We have friends that live in the rectory of St. Mary's, and plan to take the walk and knock on his door and surprise him. It's not an English thing to do, but they are Welsh and shouldn't mind it a bit. 

The Great Hall- Two perspectives above and below.

NEXT, we leave the castle and proceed to French Mill. It is the only surviving tidal mill, using stored tidal water from it's mill to drive it's wheels. Grinding local corn, such a mill was first recorded here in 1541.

 Below, you see a view of the mill as taken from one of the upper windows of the castle. You can see the vast expanse of gray at the bottom which fills with water when the tide was in. Our walk takes us through the forest on the left of the picture.

See that square shoot in the center of the picture? Here's a
Looking down to water (blue) through the wheel.
This is the hopper and horse.
We stopped at a shop to buy ice cream. Turns out, we bought the ice cream from Ken's cousin. 
Elaine, Ken and Mary. They certainly were surprised.

A far view of the hut (gazebo, I guess) they built.

St. Mary's of Cheritin church -- the thing we were supposed to visit here.
close up. Grain comes down from above.
This is the mill. It grinds up the grain.
We are finally on our way to St. Mary's Church, Chariten. Remember, we wanted to surprise Ken Scourfield at his home.

First view of St. Mary's church.

I (Marv) had to get into a picture.  Don't know who the stone lady was.

Ken and Mary relaxing inside.

The interior.

More interior pictures. We have a picture somewhere of Ken playing the organ. A very versatile gentleman.

Above, walking back to the car, a beautiful view of the castle.

Above, the Carew Cross and the road sign that told us were were coming to Carew.  It was a spectacular day.  But you will see more of Ken and Mary Scourfield at our B&B pub. 

It was only mid afternoon and we couldn't check into our next B&B until 6. Join us in a late afternoon walk on the southern coast of Pembrokeshire to view the Green Bridge of Wales and the Stack Rocks.