Tohono Chul Park   continued:

This trashy mush above is called a Packrat nest. Little rats nest on dying prickly pear cactus. For more information about this, see
A huge collection of  Bunny Ears cactus. You can buy these from many sources to grow them in your cactus garden. 
This is a Cows Tongue Prickly Pear. Aptly named. 
This is our official picture of a Jumping Cholla. 
This is Tohono Chul's prize saguaro. Older than Tuscon.
   the sign says in front of this incredible plant. It reminded me of an ostrich tail.
This exhibition describes the geological history of Tucson.
And behind the pot of Mexican Sunflower is what Sally referred to as a living fence -- cactus that  walls off areas. 
Above & below,  Texas Mountain purple laurel.
They are studying this vegetation. 
This is the children's corner -- frog above and snake below.
And the picture above and below is a Chain Cholla.
I wish you could put a picture of a cactus in google. Don't know what this is.
This is simply labeled "Century Plant".
I'll swear this looks like red cabbage -- but don't try to eat it.

Three kinds of prickly pears: 
Golden, Cinnamon, and Bunny Ears. 

Above & below,  Mexican Sunflower - Tithonia Eruticosa.

All of these are Octopus Cactus.  Sorry,  I called it a slithering snake cactus earlier.

Well, perhaps THIS is their prize saguaro. I count 15 arms on that giant. If I counted while there, it would be more, I'm sure.

They are controlling the environment to see what affects the native vegetation. 

And a real child playing.

This is Sally's house in the Sun City of Tucson. We had dinner there and the three pictures left and below are the plants in her front garden. 

The next day, we took a very nice hike in Saguaro National Park. Our last Tucson event. 
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