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Upper region: This is the view to the north from the "A" mountain located just West of Tucson. The mountain range includes the Mount Lemmon which ski resort which we drove to. This region includes the location of our bed and breakfast. Every morning, we had a ten minute walk to the Radisen Hotel to buy our New York Times, and peek at the cultural Tucson. This region is South Tucson which we only visited to and from the airport on our first and last day of our trip. But the mountains never stop. They virtually surround the city and provide a cool escape from the tropical heat of the summer for the residents of this fabulous city.
Lower region: The vegetation is typical Sonora Desert. No cow could eat any of this.                                                                                                        We begin to see a few small Agave (usually called "century plant") and Saguaro catcus, the signature habitat of the Sonoran Desert. Many examples of these and many more will follow this introductory panorama picture.