The Drive up Mount Lemmon

We decided to finish the day by driving up to the Mt. Lemmon ski lift. We had two-for-one passes for the lift but decided we would take the drive today and save the pass for next June when we would be driving through here again with our own car. The Two-for-one book has an expiration day sometime in September, so it will be good in July. On a hot day in July, it would be a better time to view hot Tucson from 5000 feet.
    We also decided to take pictures from the many overlooks on the way down, not up. But I couldn't resist another of Thimble Peak on the right.

The chick is Elaine, of course. The orange car is easy to find.
This is as far as we can go. It was chilly and windy.
We are already high enough to have no Saguaro Cactus.
This is where we will go next June -- with our passes.
 We are told the views of Tucson are spectacular from the lift.
We are on the way down. The panorama views are really fabulous. To see this four-pic stitch enlarged, click HERE and scroll.
We stopped many times on the way down.
Many examples of balanced rocks.
I took many of these from the car while Elaine drove.
Way in the distance is Tucson.
Below 4000 ft., the Saguaro returns.
What is this gentleman is reading?  CLICK, scroll and read.
Here is a four picture panoramic view of the city of Tucson. For a larger view you can scroll, click HERE.

Next, a quick run through the Tucson Botanical Gardens, in full bloom.

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