It's Sunday, March 13. We had a very nice lunch with Jan Crews,  a friend and former Alto in the Washington Chorus. We talked a lot and afterwards it was 3:30 P.M. by the time we got to the Botanical Gardens. For a $5.00 "Two for the price of One", we had another splendid opportunity to photograph blossoms and things. Had to hurry -- they closed at 5.
This really looks like a prickly pear cactus, but has limbs like a huge tree.
This is the Dr. Raymond C. Allen Memorial Iris Garden.
Good information about saguaro. It only lives in the red of the map, and only under 3,400 feet above sea level. I think I said 4,000 feet yesterday.

Organ Pipe Cactus -- not indigenous to Tucson.

Sign says, "Euphorbia resinifera Euphorbiaceae.
This one is "Echinocactus grusionii Cactaceae".  
Of course! Mammillaria Gerninspina. Glad we saw this!
I gotta tell you. It took three shots by the time I got that telephoto picture of the bird looking this way.  

At the end of the botanical garden are the plants you can buy

The gorgeous flower to the left and my gorgeous wife below.

Rest time.

Can't keep Elaine from taking my pic in front of the cactus tree.

Now this really is a prickly pear cactus.

Cute little rabbit and another "slithery snake" cactus. 
Let's just say "Pretty yellow and white flowers."
Elaine and I simply couldn't stop taking pictures of these wonderful century-plant type blossoms. I'm sure we will come across one tomorrow that will be adequately labeled. I'm sure it's some sort of agave.
and put in your own private garden. We didn't buy any.
After getting back from the Gardens, we had dinner and decided it would be a nice evening for a walk. We saw some interesting art works and  were told they were lit up at night. So, Elaine grabbed her camera. All of the pictures on the rest of this page were taken by Elaine.
These were art works that would be auctioned off  April 2, so right now, they are probably not there.
This was really tough. It varied from "earthearthearth"  to one "heart" lit up in red, and with the digital camera delay, it had to be taken at just the right time. But Elaine did it!


The Arts Council raised $161,600 for artists and local non-profits. For more information about these and many more including the price they sold for, look at 

Next, more exotic plants at the Tohono Chul Park with our own private docent. 

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