Paris #1 -- Dinner with the Riggs', and a morning rehearsal with Bob and the Chartres Cathedral.

Beth and Drew knew of a very good Alsace restaurant near our hotel -- we walked there that evening. The interesting wood carved picture was outside the ladies room.
The next morning, we had a rehearsal with Bob, the band and the quartet.
We are now at the Chartres Cathedral, the next morning, Saturday, July 7. Recognize the chap below? He is Malcolm Miller, who is reputed to know more about the Chartres Cathedral than anyone in the world. He gave an hour talk inside and outside the cathedral with us wearing headphones.
We could hear very well. Several non-TWC-ers managed to get headsets as well, but afterwards had to pay for it.
We moved outside to view all the intricate carvings.
We had a delicious dinner of sauerkraut and sausage, but didn't identify statue on the way back.
Everybody above is looking at Bob.
These were taken at our break. 
It's all about stained glass. These spectacular examples date from  1150 or so. For both world wars, they removed every piece of glass and saved it until the wars ended. 
This is the stone work just above the huge wooden doors.   
  This picture is a stitch done from Elaine's Canon digital Elph, our back-up camera. Remember 2002? 


Bob and Craig. My Nikon Coolpix was due to a recommendation by Craig! Thanks, buddy. 

The Chartres Cathedral

Andre, one of our guides, said that as he sat in the back of the sanctuary, and at least 150 persons came and went during the concert. He said the music could be heard clearly all the way back. 
    Next, back to Paris #2  for our "free day". 
You can just see a touch of green  ^  in the stone just above the carrot. This was from the original statue, most of which wore off over the years. 
We were taken back into the cathedral to see this window. The brilliantly blue glass in this and other windows has never been duplicated to this day.  The 'cool' picture above is a stitch of two which I took with the CoolPix 5700.  
Walking to get a bite to eat with Claudia and the Riggs'. We got back to the coach so late, Risa, Elaine and I decided we would change in the bus, not in their changing room. Sorry guys, no pictures of this.
On the left is the Chartres Cathedral where we sang that very evening. The orchestra, chorus and audience fit in the quire of the sanctuary.=
Table of Contents Below, the flyer that was posted at the cathedral.