Our concert and tour in Lyon.

We left Nice at 8:30 and drove all day to Lyon. It shouldn't have taken all day, but we had to go all the back to the Axe area to pick up the Campbells. They tried to join our dinner at Aix, but had an old schedule that had us there a hour earlier. Oh well! That's the sixth time we took that road. The spectacular pictures are from post cards. The one on the left has our concert cathedral in the foreground and the Basilique at the top. The Cathedrale Saint Jean is the place we sang and many pictures I took will follow.

This is the image we saw of the Basilique de Fourviere on the hill from the cathedral where we met for our concert in Saint Jean. In the post card picture above, you see both. 

Here we are in front of the cathedral. We brought our costumes, had a short rehearsal and sound test, sang at 7 P.M., redressed and had a meal together. 
Below, the entrance to the basilique and to the right, a detail of all the identical stone angels.
It's now the next day. We were bussed to the top of the hill and entered the incredible Basilique. Below is a "bean bag" time exposure of the interior. I have eternally given up on carrying a tripod with me. There's always a bench or font around to hold my bean bag and Nikon.

Fantastic ceiling art work.

The alter.

Only one of three of these pictures turned out.

Our guide is telling us all about these images.

Looking down on Lyon - a most beautiful sight. Below is a small piece of the panoramic veiw, but click HERE.

We walked down from the top of the world in Lyon into a very beautiful old city. If you noted what this is, please email

More of Lyon. I could certainly spend lots of time in this city. As beautiful as Paris and not so hectic.

On the way down, we saw this ancient amphitheater.  

So, they are another part of our group with another guide. 

Lots of lavender

Down ---- down ----  

 and down into Lyon
Note the circle below the pretty girl crossing the street.
Ours was excellent -- with more information than I could remember.
An interesting waterfall on the way.
Up it came -- traffic control so cars don't turn in here. 
In case she was in your way, here it is.
And finally, we arrived St. Jean where we sang the evening before.
Below, the interior of the cathedral. Right are two pictures of an ornamental clock that did strange things at 12 o'clock.

I suppose they were rehearsing for tonight.

On the way out, 150 Euros poorer, we noticed the interesting flowered bush right outside the restaurant, and I resumed camera mode.
The next morning, we were up early to leave at 8:30 A.M. for Paris. We stopped for an hour and a half at Bourges which is the topic of the next page of this site. 
A few more streetwalks, and our tour ended. Just in time for us. We had reservations to eat lunch at the Tetedoie Restaurant with Carol, Judd, Sam and Liz at 1 P.M. It was a truly fantastic meal - surely the best we have ever had. Six courses that took us until 4 P.M. to consume. Here I was so absorbed in this culinary experience that I took no pictures until we left. Fine French food looks as well as tastes great. Below;  appetizer and dessert that Dianne, Andy and others ate that evening.
We went back to the hotel, and did not eat dinner.

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