Our Last Concert in the l'Academie de l'Ile Saint Louis

We left our hotel for a short drive to the cathedral. That looked like a strange, thin building.
Our concert was held in l'Academie de l'Lle Saint Louis, which is on an island right across from Notre Dame, seen above. 

I took these two pictures of the front of the sanctuary, and 

After the concert, we were bussed to the hotel, changed, and bussed back to dinner. This is Leo, Joel, Risa and Andy.
Elaine, Leo, Joel, Risa, Andy, Jan
Sterling, Joice, Evelyn
Audrey, Aaron, Christopher, Anna
Thelma, Knight
Michael, Byron, Aime, Karen; the quartet.
Helen, Andre
Jack, Andrea, Alison
Craig, Pam, Andrea, Alison
Roslyn, Marion, Goeff
Sue, Melissa, Fielding, June
Dick, Jeanie, Penny, Bill, Michael, Ken
Time to listen to the speakers.
Helen: "Whatever are you saying, Andre" 
Driving through the snarled traffic of the city of Paris. In 9 days, we saw hardly any S.U.V's. That red thing is a delivery truck.
This is the interior as seen from the baptismal font at the back of the sancturary. 
couldn't decide which to post. So here's both.
Amy, Peggy, Janet, Steve, Susan
Sterling, Joice, Evelyn, Allen, Bob, Jean
George, Jeanne, Ben, Suzie
Susan, Gus, Susan, Carol, Thelma, Knight
Ann, Dianne
Jane, Pat, Jonathan
Gilles, and Michel, our drivers.
Liz, Claudia, Claudia, Joan, Robbie
Jonathan, Marcia, Roslyn, Anne
David, Brenalee, Sue
Fielding, June, and Joe
Penny, Bill, Nancy
Bob, our director and inspiration.
Dianne, without which tours like this would fall apart.
Craig, June

That's it, folks. We grew tired of chewing the tough beef, got into the coach and went
back to the hotel for a short sleep and our trip back.

Our fabulous quartet, Brian Jones, Aime Sposato,  Karen Keating and Michael Forest.

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