Italy Picture Gallery

Technical info: We took over 500 pictures with our Kodak DC290 and our Canon Elph. The Elph pictures were digitized by the processor and began as very high resolution images. The pictures on the web site have been reduced to 72 BPI for the sake of download speed. Feel free to download any ones you want, but if you wish a full resolution copy of any of the picture files, right click on the picture, click "image properties", and note the file name with its four digit number, email us the file name, and we will post the full resolution file in the special directory
The full resolution file will be of the form P000####.jpg or img###.jpg with the same number. You might want to check this directory before emailing us in case other persons requested it earlier. On a PC, to download the file, right click on the file, click on "Save link as" and a file selection screen appears for your to direct the file to your computer. They are about a half megabyte each, so patience (or high bandwidth) will be a virtue.

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