Final Dinner in Rome

Our final dinner of the tour was held at La Gallina Bianca (The White Hen) just a block from the Universo Hotel. Elaine made a gallant effort, with help from Allison and Martha, to supply first names on all these dinner photos, but if corrections or additions are needed, please
let us know.

Mitch, Ellen, Linda, Bill, Frank, Glenda, Elaine
Tessi, Suzie, Elizabeth, our tour guides.
Jane, Val, Carol, Thelma, Ken, Al
Dave, Ricki, Pat, Jonathan
Barbara, Carolyn, Walu, Jan
Chris, Rob, Suzie, Steve, Ben
Jean, Geoff, Marion, Barbara, Bob, Allen
Doug, Louis, Joe, Gailyn, Ken
Joe, Gailyn, Ken, Mike, John, Libby,Doug, Louis
Mary, Kelly, John, Katherine, Alison, Craig
Craig, Bryce, Kerry, Susan, Matt, Mary
Jennifer and Justin
Joe, Sybil, Hazel, June, Fielding
Sam, Sydney, David, Chris, Barbara, Lani
Mary, Carrie, Steve, Janine, JoEllen
John, Brian, Martha, Marianne, Henry, Theresa
Jack, Drew, Claudia
Patricia, Joel, Leo, Glenn
Rita, Cita, Drew, John, Beth, Susan
Cheryl, Rocky, Zvia, Paul, Mike, Dina, Fred
Donna, Robin, Risa, Robin, Bob, Dianne, Beth
Ann, "friends of Bill", Bill, Grace, Meg, Risa, Robin
Sue, Judy and Carol
Frank, Glenda, Bob ready to present awards.
Dianne and Tessi
End of a perfect trip.
Bookmarks for all from Assisi
"Just can't quit singing!"
And here are three really excellent pictures that Marisa Pankow sent me and gave me permission to post.

Thanks, Risa.

  Bob Dianne Robin
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