Our Vienna Cruise on the Danube

This our cruise ship -- look at the gorgeous weather!-

Maire, Bob, Karen, Michael, Byron, Dave, Adam

The two Andy's. (Ireland, and Krulwich). 

Drew, Beth, Nancy and Paul

Betty Jo, Marvin and Hugh

Brian, Martha, Carolyn and Barbara

Judy, Thelma and Patti

Angela, Lani, Sam, Chris, and Lesley

Janet, Judith, Geoff, Ken, Rebecca and Hugh

The sedate set in the front of the boat

Perhaps someone should tell Michael that he should 

Speaking of having fun, 

Just a little post script. The happy party above missed the cruise because they all misread the announcement. This is their meal sans the Danube River. 

All Aboard!!!!

The Six Seconds: Marv, Elaine, Risa, Andy I. Andy K, Dianne

Tom, Tom, Rhea, David, Gisele, Ben and Bill.

Diana, Sue, Rosalyn and Jen

Cris and Matt's mom.

Michael, Warren, Claudia K, Claudia T, Doug and Jack

Steve, Cheryl, Linda, Susie, Rob, and Kevin

Susan and Steve

Allen, Aracelis, Lydia and Jean

Sunset over the Danube

lighten up a bit and start having some fun.
look what is happening top deck.
They are Meg, Julie, Al, Frank, Glenda and Steve.  Does the name of the street on their walk to the Metro say anything about the event? Glenda provided the pictures.

Thus ended our Cruise on the Danube. We went back to the hotel to sleep well before our concert the next day.

There are two more pages to go. 
       Vienna; Day Two has external and internal scenes of Stephandom including pictures from the tower.
        Final Dinner has pictures of everyone present and the award presentations.

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