Concert number 2 -- Ottobeuren

Next morning, we were up bright and early, with dresses and tuxedos, and piled onto the bus for Ottobeuren. It was a long drive, and the map below shows why. Ehingen, our site of the last concert is at the upper left of the map. Munich is at the right. And Ottobeuren, located below this WORD, is nearly two thirds back toward Ehingen. But, getting there was worth it.

This magnificent church greeted us shortly after leaving the bus. The advertisement of our concert appeared all over town.

The Acting Mayor of Ottobeuren welcomed us and thanked us in German for supporting their fundraising. The lady to her left translated. The gold statues on both sides stood majestically silent. 

After entering the impressive abby, we were ushered into a rehearsal room where we could meet, keep our bags, purses and things, and warm up before the concert. This place was simply stunning! 

This is the interior of the Abby. Note the pulpit on the right. 

 Craig was stationed here with all his recording equipment for the concert.
Here is a good view of the site of our concert. Note the risers. We would not have to stand throughout the concert. Michael, Drew, and I are sitting in the picture on the right at the exact place we will be for the concert -- although in tuxedos

Above is one of the many organs in the abby.

This is an unusual art piece -- it is a skeleton 
dressed up in regal attire.

This ceiling fresco has an unusual figure in blue 
with his foot protruding below the painting. See it?

This unusual tower was positioned next to the Abby.

From the Abby, we looked down on the village below. Before the concert, we walked around. You can see the irrigation trough right in the center of the street.

Alison writes: "The strange 'tower' right beside Ottobeuren Abbey was what they used to let people know what professions could be found in that town. For instance, if the town had a seamstress, there would be a seamstress sign on the pole - if they had a butcher, there would be a butcher sign, etc. etc. And I thought it was just a fancy  Maypole! Must be the British blood!"

Meg, Marv, Elaine and Martha -- resting up.

Becky, Amy and Susan wetting their feet in the trough.

Germany played in the final game of the world cup. It was being broadcast live on that screen in the center. 

Our ad for the concert had that orange correction 
delaying our concert by one hour because of the game.

Germany lost the world cup game, and Bob told the German orchestra that he was very sorry they lost. But, they played spectacularly in the concert anyway. Again, we had a totally packed house and the reception by the audience was spontaneous and heart warming.
A Local Review

After the concert, we had dinner, boarded our busses and left. Here is Marv, Elaine and Jen examining the pics we took. 'Twas nice having a laptop with us that had a CD burner.

This is another view of the Abby taken from the village square.


Our next adventure is our Drive to Linz via Herrenchiemsee, July 1


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