Tour 2002 -- Final Dinner

We had a brief reception after the excellent concert and were then bussed to our reception.
These are primarily pictures of all the individual tables at the dinner and honor presentation afterwards.

Gisele and Bob Wood at the reception after the concert

Cheryl, Kelsey, Steve, Suzie, Ben, Andy

Elaine, Martha, Brian, Ken, Art

Jean, Lydia, Rosalyn, Aracelis, Sue, Allen

David, Rhea, mystery friend, and Gisele

Cita, Claudia, Geoff, Beth, Drew, and John

Chris, Matt, Pam, Diana, Craig, Kelly, Alison, Mary, Bryce

Karen and Marv (I rarely get in a picture, but loved this one.)

Rebecca, Susan, Steve, Jack, Claudia, and Warren

Risa, Amy, Peggy, and Debra

Ben NOT getting Ben Gitterman award

Babs getting Ben Gitterman award

. . . and clearly appreciating it.

Betty Jo, Marvin, Al, Carolyn

James, Babs, Marcie

Kathryn, Robin, Barbara, Andy, Meg

Bob, Patti, Judy, Wayne, Thelma, Mary

Lesley, Michael, Bob, Maire, Karen, Angela, and  Byron

Glenda, Jeanie, Julie, and Frank (who joined us in Vienna)

Hugh, Chris, Lani, Sam, Lesley, and  Angela

Nancy, Dianne, Paul, and Bob

Allen helping the harpist

Tom, Bill, Tom, Adam, and Dave

Mutual admiration

Heinz and Rudi, our bus Drivers getting their tip . . .

organ pipe memento

And so ends our TWC Tour 2002. If you have ANY comments or suggestions, please email us. 

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