The Ehingen Concert

Bob, giving us some final instructions and encouragement.
We lined up, entered the sanctuary and were ready to sing.

The concert begins!

Dianne and her women -- (and Geoff)

Bob Shafer - Director

Michael Forest -- Tenor

Maire O'Brien - Soprano

Bob again

Maire & Karen Keating - mezzo-soprano

Byron Jones, Baritone

The chorus - central

Bows all around!

Bob shakes hands with the concert master

The audience was very enthusiastic

A Local Review
Our Party afterwards

This is the mayor of Ehingen.

And Alison enthusiastically proposes a toast.

A travel agent presents her with a certificate giving her two air tickets to Washington to hear our Mozart Requiem next fall. 

I believe he is giving Bob some sort of token.

This young lady from Ehingen stands for an acknowledgement.

The reception was held in this enormous hall. Certainly room for everyone.

We each had one drink and one bowl of soup.
I was snapping a focus-less camera. Why is this so fuzzy - it's not funny, Elaine.

OK, I'll just chat up the pretty singers

They seem to be having a great time with Michael.

Alison, Craig and Andy having fun.

OK -- I'll behave myself.

Claudia with her father.

Jan and Steve

... saying goodbye. They left us after the Ehingen event.

Soup wasn't quite enough. We went out to buy ice cream, and guess who else we saw?

The very next morning, we were off to Munich. Please see Glenda Finley's Munich Walking Tour.
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