Moab to Kayenta, Through Arches National Park.

The map below is formatted as the others. At the top of the page is Moab and we will be going north and follow the blue GPS line to the northwest into Arches National Park.
The next pictures were taken after a 13 minute bus ride.
The next two pictures were taken from the bus.
We now see Balanced Rock from every angle imaginable!
On the way, Bill said to look for tiny bushes with oak leaves.
A close up of the one above might be what he meant.
Above and right, Balanced Rock and Bill below telling us all about it.
OK, from now on, every place I picture will have an arch on it.  After all, this is Arches National Park!!!!!
Next, to Grand Canyon.
This is a close detail of the entrance to the park. We will be taking the blue line north from the top of the map to view all the places below.
Good Start. We're almost there!
That's what he meant. Now, back to the balanced rock.
OK, no arch on this one. But we are climbing up to an arch.
No pictures from Kayenta. We got a Subway at a grocery store for our dinner. Plenty of food.