Day 3 - A Geyser of Geysers


The map for today is contained within the map from yesterday and is pictured below. The dark blue line was produced by my GPS which is pictured on the right.

Bison Crossing 

Below is Marv     


Great Fountain Geyser

Great Fountain Geyser

 It was taken at 8:33, and our bus was scheduled to leave at 8 AM. We were so punctual!
Below, Firehole River -- in the upper Geyser Basin.
  taking the picture above.
Back on the bus -- the next stop will be a lot longer.
White Dome Geyser -- 10:10 A.M. Not a drop!
Three minutes later, the geyser put on this fantastic show which Elaine, who

 left the bus, photographed brilliantly while I fumbled around for my camera.

Finally, below, I got my one good shot.
And below, we see our fearless leader, Bill, describing the Spasm Geyser which appears in all three of the pictures below. At this time of our trip, it is 11 AM, so we have about an hour to go in the tour. I'll post  the pictures we can identify.
Above, below and right are Petrified trees. The white bark is an excess of silicone.
From  here to the end of our  morning tour are pictures of Midway Geyser Basin. We will post a subset of them.

Above is Jet Geyser

Opal Pool, at 11: 42 AM, the end of our Day 3 morning tour.
Finally, many times, Bill pointed us to the mountain pictured in the distance above. He said it was Navaho Mountain and our tour makes a grand circle around that mountain. We never went up to it, but every time he mentioned it, he pointed in a different direction. I will picture it again and again but at the moment, I can only say that it is southern Utah.

Old Faithful Geyser -- RIGHT ON TIME

The scheduled time of the next Old Faithful eruption is 4:30.
These pictures were taken between 4:18 and 4:21.

It has never failed as long as the park existed.

What an experience

Ninety minutes from now, it will reoccur.
Finally, we found the cabin in which we stayed five years ago. From that door, we could see Old Faithful erupt.
The picture below was taken on that occasion.
Day 4; Drive through Grand Tetons
It rained later that evening, (now, not five years ago) and after the rain, a perfect rainbow could be seen from this years' room window. Elaine was able to get a picture of that rainbow, and that is where we will leave our current exploration of Yellowstone Park on Day Three of our tour.

Keep posted and I'll keep posting. I won't take so much time to post the adventures on Day 4, our drive from Yellowstone to Jackson Hole.