Day 2 --- To Yellowstone

These pictures go from top of map to 5, old faithful lodge.

Above, Randall, below, Bill keeping us well informed.

Liberty Cap. 

It's now late afternoon. We have been following the Yellowstone river from square 3 to square 4 on the map above.
Above, Artist Point where you see the upper and lower falls.

Placid Yellowstone lake above.

Wild flowers above. Sisters Sue and Sally below at Pumice Point.
Lots of us below enjoying the lake.
The map to the left shows the drive into Yellowstone on Day 2. We drove east from Bozeman to Livingston and then south to the north entrance of the park. This map shows in wide light blue the route my mapping software chose when I entered the addresses of each of our hotels or lodges. The skinny dark blue lines was the route we actually took when my GPS was hanging on my window. That's how I kept track of where we actually were. As some of you remember, my PC battery couldn't track an entire day.
The sign reads, Livingston, 1 Mile.

Randall in the mirror, mountains straight ahead.

Rest stop. It's just before noon.

Finally we are in the Park at Mammoth Hot Springs. Elaine and didn't climb those stairs to see all the bubbly things as most of you did.. We had been here before.

Palette Spring. 

We saved some apples and had our lunch at one of those cabins. Very impressed with all the elk -- ignoring us completely.

Above and below are the upper falls.

All those interested people are looking at the Mud Volcano, pictured below.
A solitary bison.

Day Three, Yellowstone continued.