Zion National Park, Utah

On On the left is the map I made while driving through Zion National Park. We entered the park from the East from Bryce Canyon near where you see Canyon Drive Overlook, and the three picture stitch you see below was taken at 10:30 AM. Our schedule seen on the orange sheet had us leaving Bryce Canyon at 8:00 AM. On the way to Zion, we stopped for a break near a sign that read 

Using Google, I found
which identifies, sort of, the location of Red Canyon. (the star, I think.)

The marker for Red Canyon was about two hours from the scene I photographed in the three picture picture scene above. On it's left is Checkerboard Cliffs. It's about 10:30 A.M.
Above are the tunnel  windows from the outside.
Above, the start of the tunnel; below, the windows in the tunnel.

A tunnel window from the inside above and outside below.

I cannot resist a potential picture stitch. The one above was taken at about 11:15  A.M. on the way to lunch.

The picture above was taken at 11:18 A,M.

The pictures are chronological. The tram ride started at 6 P.M. I've forgotten most of the information the driver gave us. Good luck, and tell us what you remembered.
Below is the Zion Lodge where we had lunch. This picture was taken at 12:46 local time. We are at the top of the map above.
This was also the lodge where we stayed overnight. We were told to expect a very dramatic scenic drive starting at 6 PM through roads that a large bus couldn't take, so to occupy our afternoon, our bus driver took us all the way down to the IMAX at the bottom of the map and back.

Back at our lodge. Above is the tram that took us all around. .Below are all the pictures we took.

I believe this was the first free running water we saw on the trip.
This little man ends our coverage of Zion Canyon. We will not include our trip to Hoover dam, but show below the picture we took of our table at the Las Vegas parting dinner.

It was very nice to live with all of you while I constructed this web page. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it took so much time.
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