These are some pictures taken in Zikhron during our stay. They are mostly personal, primarily of interest to family and close friends. It's also a place we can go to capture some personal memories. 

Jenelle, practicing reading from the Torah for her Bat Mitsvah
The gentleman to the left is the Gabbi, who helps nervous readers. Ruth is showing Jenelle that the Torah has no vowels!
It was Market Day in Zikhron -- very crowded with shoppers.
Ruth found this dress that really interested Elaine.
Looks pretty good!
Lotsa shoppers on the street,  and Elaine found her a tin man!
This is a description of our walk from Ruth's place to our cottage. You can see her car in a lot directly above the "l" of "walk."
The last picture was taken from here. We will proceed down that path starting at the red pole.
Hurry up, Marv! 
Next,  walk up the path, and turn right at the surveyor team.
Don't forget to notice the pretty view of the town.
And be sure to look at our own private ruin on the way.
If we made no mistakes, our cottage appears out of the brush.
OK, if you were very observant, you noticed the dates on these pictures weren't all the same -- not even in the same year. I confess, this was a composite set of pictures taken on two different walks, but you get the idea.

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