Trip to Jerusalem II

On the way to the Dolorosa (Street of Sorrows) in the Arab quarter, the shops were completely deserted.
But Sheldon managed to get a picture of more activity in a market in the Muslim quarter.
Third station of the cross: Jesus fell.
4th station - Mary sees Jesus.
5th station: Cyreneus Simon (from Lybia) carries cross
8th station: Jesus talking to children of Jerusalem.
 This is our $140 English speaking tour guide.
We have now entered the Christian quarter, and there are more open shops. Station 10: Jesus undressed.
In the Church of the Holy Sepulcre there are six churches in one. Syrian, Catholic, Copt, Ethiopians, Greek Orthodox, Armenian. Station 11, Nailed (Catholic)
Station 13: Raised cross. (Greek Orthodox.) Here, people put their hand in the very place (!) where the cross rested.
Below is a replica of a 4yh century mosaic map of Jerusalem.
This is the Jerusalem community MeA She'arim .
Station 14 - Burial. Right in front of this mosaic, there was the actual (!) slab where Jesus was laid. True believing Catholics were weeping over it.
This is actually a Lutheran church in the Christian quarter.
It's well known to be the highest concentration of totally orthodox Jews in the world. At Ruth's request, our guide directed us through on the way to a Jerusalem museum. 
This is my favorite. Give it time to download. Looking East from Jerusalem, that faint gray line above 
the hills are the mountains in Jordan on the other side of the Dead Sea.
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