Masada -- Israel's Last Stand
King Herod built a fortress and vacation spa for himself and his court on a mountain overlooking the southern end of the Dead Sea. See the inset on the map MAP on the first Israel page. 

This is a model of Masada, with remnants of  King Herod's extravagant buildings. About 1000 Jews fled there after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. It's steep cliffs made it nearly impenetrable to any attacking army.
On the way up, we see Roman camps which were built while they constructed a ramp which they eventually used to break into the fortress and found the 6 remaining  alive. The rest had committed suicide after an elaborate scheme was enforced in which family members killed each other to avoid the consequences of suicide.
This is the elaborate temple that Herod built. There is an excavated pool we could have seen but didn't. But his private bathtub is pretty impressive.
It's traditional for persons about to have a Bat Mitzvah to climb the mountain in commemoration of the last desperate stand of the Jewish nation. Jenelle and family did just that. We took the cable car up. See their windy path.
It is very bleak topside.
We all walked down. Elaine and Ruth were last to arrive. Dustan had to climb halfway back to retrieve a camera he left. He still beat us all down.
That ice cream really tasted good.
A short drive up the Dead Sea coast, we pulled off at a beach.
I'm not sure they feel too anxious to walk into that stuff.
Ready or not -- HERE  I  COME!
But now, nobody is touching the bottom in any way.
Sheldon took all those pictures. Now it's his turn.  A rule everyone must follow is to stay in no longer than 15 minutes. Otherwise, the 33% sea salt will cause severe dehydration.
Ruth is bobbing without her feet touching bottom like a beer hydrometer. Elaine can't quite manage that. And I feel like I'm lying on a waterbed. None of me touches the bottom.
After a long drive, we stop for supper at a mall near home.
This was a wonderful day. Our next travel adventure is our drive through GALILEE