Our last two days in London
After the Ferris wheel, we had a few more things we had planned to do on  Monday.

We shopped a bit. The Clark's  shoe shop is where I bought another pair of shoes. USA shoes wear out. These don't.

  Can't see the doomed dome. Too many buildings. It was a dome connected with a big conference center that was supposed to be an economic miracle for this area with lots of shoppers and commerce. Didn't happen and it is scheduled for destruction. Sorta like e-commerce.

That afternoon, we found a Pizza Hut in the Earl's Court area to have lunch. It's a good deal. 
Covent Gardens, for the first time, installed a huge viewer in the square so people could view the performance free.
It was very hot in the theater, but it was a fantastic production. Well worth the suffering in the heat.
These orchids were next to our breakfast table all week.
Tuesday A.M, we walked through Hyde Park by The Serpentine and photographed this lily pond complete with bird. Any guess what it is, Claire? 
Not a bad Bechstein. If it were a 7 footer, I might have bought it. They had a 7 foot Bosendorfer, but I didn't like it.
I've always wanted to photograph persons riding the Picadilly escalator. Did I overdo it or what?
For our last dinner, we went to a Danish restaurant a Dane who was staying in our hotel recommended.
Our last breakfast. The van was scheduled to pick us up at half past eight.  He was late, but got us there on time. 
Then, we took the new Jubilee line all the way to Canary Wharf. Joan said we could see the doomed dome from there.
Actually, it reminded us Maryland's Tyson's corner.
The tube stop here is very modern. Look carefully at the picture above. There is no way one can fall into the path of the the train. Those doors open when the train arrives and the train stops exactly when the train doors match the train's.
All the Pizza and salad you can eat for 4 Pounds, 95 pence. 
I would have gotten better pictures of the screen if I had reduced the shutter speed. 
    But our objective was to see My Fair Lady at the Drury Lane Theater. We had waited in a queue to purchase discount tickets earlier that day, and waited for a long time for an Oriental couple (Father and daughter, we think) to choose their play. They were very deliberative, asking the ticket agent to repeat over and over the possibilities before finally choosing their play. Then he argued about the receipt, and on and on and on. When it was our turn, we immediately chose the only pair of tickets left at Phantom of the Opera, and just before the ticket agent clicked on them, someone else at some other ticket agency bought them. I was quite upset at the oriental couple. Well, it turned out, that very couple sat next to us at My Fair Lady. I mentioned to him at the interval that I was somewhat cross with him that his indecision kept us from seeing Phantom, but My Fair Lady was so good, I forgave him. He looked puzzled, and then said, "But Phantom is a vely vely good play." Now I'm cross with him again!
I finally photographed them and took this close up. Beautiful!
On to Harrods, a favorite stop whenever I'm in London.
This is the tube station that we used for an entire week. I think that's Elaine dashing across before the green man goes away.
That chap could lose a little weight!  We went into the center of London for one more event -- to see the cinema "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." If you haven't seen it, DO. It's great!
We had yummy salmon and the nice waitress gladly took this picture of us. The hot weather was breaking and London could look forward to cooler weather.
In fact, we were in time to let a Heathrow official interview Elaine about our holiday. 
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