Three days in Sitka. 

State of Alaska Ferry

Standard Transportation
Connecting Isolated Points
Highways Lose Their Luster


After lunch on the ferry, we were running a little late so we visited the NAA KAHIDE DANCE SHOW. David always being very informative.
It was a spectacular half hour. "It all starts with the smell of burning cedar that is lit during the introduction of the first dance. The deep sound of the box drum fills the room as Tlingit dancers enter wearing beautiful regalia."
And best of all, our "tribe" was invited to dance along with them. Great fun!
A little hard to read, but you get the idea. The face of Michio was not to be replicated on the Totem pole, but he snuck it in anyway --  seen above. 
It was evening. We walked to the Sitka UU fellowship and had a wonderful meal. We met our hosts, Sherry Mays and Kerry MacLane. We went to Sherry's home and had a very nice evening. 
      The next morning after breakfast, we were taken back to Sitka for some small group tours. First on our list was a tour of the Russian Bishop's house. 

Bishopís House

Russian Orthodox
Enslaved the Aluets
Sea Otter the Prize


This is the party that stayed with Sherry and Kerry, pictured at the back. The Kennedys, the Wunderlichs and Ann Thompson. Kerry was among the guest casts in Brady Bunch shows in 1969. Remember him? 
We had lunch at Van Winkle & Sons Restaurant, and then were free for the day. Sherry collected us and brought us to her house for hikes in her neighborhood. 

She cooked all of us dinner which was fabulous, as we expected.

The map below shows the ferry trip. Juneau is top right, and Sitka is two thirds from the top way left. They're 95 miles apart as the raven flies but 150 miles by ferry. But, ferry or air are the only method of travel  in the rain forest of southwestern Alaska.

Sheetíka Kwean Naa Kahidi

Ceremonial Dance
Involving All Members
Preserving an Important Heritage


Next, we visited a museum I couldn't photograph, walked around Sitka and eventually hooked up with the gent above who was making a new totem pole. 

Itís Raining All the Time

Hundred Inches
Continues All Day
Northwest Temperate Rain Forest

To see this totem close up, click TOTEM
The next morning, Saturday, July 19, we visited the Sea Life glass-bottomed boat. The interior is pictured to the left, and the views of underground life were spectacular, but not very photographical, as seen above and below.  

The map to the right, as well as the Cinquain to 
it's right, illustrate a significant issue for the Alaska
community. It's a state cut in two portions
that cannot be transversed except by air
or by sea. Sitka is on the western sea border
which has a vast area to it's west. Thus, we now
prepared to take a flight from Sitka to Anchorage
by getting up at an  ungodly hour to meet our
group at the airport at 5:40 AM to fly to

Anchorage, Alaska.

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Split in Two

Exploitation or Preservation Pursued