Fairbanks, Sunday July 27.  Our last tour events
Many of us opted to travel to our UU  church service by canoe. Our hosts all brought us to the chosen riverside to mount our canoes. The top two pictures were taken with Carol's camera
It was an interesting experience, but it rained steadily throughout the trip. We dried off very well at the UU service which was followed by socialization and a lunch. Afterwards we were taken to the nearby Riverboat Discovery sternwheeler for the 2:00 PM tour which will be pictured below. 

A loud speaker narrated  the entire trip. They seemed proud of the fact that

The Sled Dog demonstrations that follow took place at the home of Susan Butcher who set many records in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race before her early death at age 51. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Butcher

And away they go!!!!

Back they come -- not even panting.

This wheel really propels the boat.  Remember, we are on a sternwheeler.

We were taught how to cut a salmon.  

This caribou  is molting. They grow a complete set each year.  

Under this beautiful sanctuary ceiling, we had our
UU Dinner

Ample Food
Spread for Us
Overflowing Hospitality As Always

A very entertaining event was a UU member reciting from memory clever alternate words to a well known song in Pirates of Penzance. CLICK to see. To review anything on this site and see pictures of our fellow travelers, click on 
Table of Contents.
Many thanks for those of you who contributed to the effort and especially to Jim for his many Cinquains. They saved me many words.

Our target was the UU Fairbanks fellowship below.

Riverboat Discovery

Riverboat Discovery
Offered More Experiences
Basically a New Combination

 passengers could see a light plane take off and land from the boat. 
The boat company seemed to own much of the adjoining land and had little shows for us to watch. This one coming up was a display of dog teams.
  Steady there, fellows! Wait for the starting bell!

  Nervous waiting. Will they return?

Munching caribou. .

 ... and hang it up to dry. 

Off the boat for this short tour.

This seems to be a strange concept. What is it's evolutional advantage?

The bell tolled, we all scampered back onto the boat and we were off to
the end of the boat tour.

After dinner entertainment. Demonstration of layers to keep warm in winter.

A few parting words from David Frey, and our tour is finished. We had just finished watching a video of our trip which we all have. Send comments and complaints to marv@marlaine.com