PRELUDE: Cross Country by AMTRAK

Our tour began in Seattle, Washington, in a hotel room near the Airport. We decided to travel to Seattle by Amtrak, clearly the most energy efficient mode of travel. After a rocky and bumpy first night through Pennsylvania, we eventually arrived in Chicago for Elaine's 70th birthday. Approaching the station, Elaine spotted a Whole Foods store and immediately wanted Kohlrabi for a snack before her birthday meal that evening after changing trains.  This is her to the right over the Chicago river, but we had to settle for Granny Smith apples.

But, that afternoon, the nice couple eating dinner with us on the Empire Builder took a picture of her birthday meal.
We had very little luck photographing scenery from the train. We faced each other in the sleeper compartment which could hold our laptop. A porter changed our compartment to a upper and lower bunk when we asked him to, and I always occupied the upper bunk. Very little headroom. I have compared it to camping in a pup tent during an earthquake. But I had three very good night's sleep.

Cinquains for 2008 WhaleCoast Alaska Tour

Day 0 Seattle

 Jim Henkelman-Bahn wrote a series of Cinquains which describe his experiences
and helps him remember events in our tour. He gave me permission to use them
in this web-log. I'll insert them when appropriate.


What Is a Cinquain?

  One Word (Subject) Two Words (Description of Subject)
Three Words (Action by Subject)
Four Words (Question or Statement)
One Word (Return to Subject)




A Sample Cinquain

Experience Reflection
Disciplines the Mind
Capturing a Clear Remembrance



Same Routine
Showing Im Me
Am I Really Threatening? Security



WhaleCoast Alaska Tour

Alaska Bound
Shedding My Engagements
A Truly Welcome Break



Organization Needed Formed Four Pods
We Are the Blues



Dave / Lily
Done Their Homework
Father / Daughter Working Together




New Word

Inuit Word
Expressing Total Joy
Present Time and Place


Our Seattle Sendoff 

     Our official tour began at a hotel near the Seattle airport. We had friends meet us at the train station, had lunch with them near the hotel and they dropped us off in time for the beginning tour events.

    Our first week  covered the South East Alaska rainforest, mapped on the left, and the second week covered central Alaska. We had an organizational lecture from our guides and a chance to introduce ourselves.

   The three cities we toured the first week were Wrangell, Juneau, Alaska's capital, and Sitka, all on the map to the left.  Our flight to Wrangell had a stop-over in Ketchikan, and had we stayed there, we would have taken the ferry to the city because the "Bridge to Nowhere" was not yet approved or built. 


 On to Wrangell, AK