Return to Anchorage.


Alternative Transportation
Keeps Us Together
A Fairly Flexible Way


On the way, we stopped at the Glacier Nature Center trail.

Exit Glacier

Exit Glacier
Took Short Trail
Encounter with Blue Ice


To get a wider view of the scene above, Click on NatureCenterPan.

Back to Anchorage. This is what they use to plow the rails in winter,

Dinner table prepared by our host Sherry Tomlidson pictured below with Elaine, Gene, and myself way to the right.

It is now Thursday, July 24 and we boarded an early train (7:30 AM) for Denali National Park, best described by Jim's Cinquain to the right:

Our next adventure is a day-long bus trip through Denali National Park. We ate dinner at a restaurant near the Denali River Cabins and a subset of our group took a white water rafting trip with which we didn't participate. Perhaps we should have. The two pictures below were provided by Jim and Jackie. Looks like fun! 

Cold Water Rafting

White Water
Riding the Waves
Experiencing Our Glacial Facials


Next,  go to  Denali National Park.

Anchorage is Alaska's "Big City".  Above is the view out of the office of David , a lawyer friend who works at Patton Boggs in DC and Anchorage.
Sherry's beautiful garden, birds and I think Elaine is pointing at something.

Train to Denali

Alaska Railway
Part of History
Pleasant to Stay Informed

Nenana River White Water

Nenana River
Challenging Class Three
Suited Up and Anchored