Week Two  -- Central Alaska

The rest of our tour followed the schedule below.  We took a flight to Anchorage, a train to Seward, a chartered bus back to Anchorage, another train to Denali National Park, and finally a bus to Fairbanks. 







Denali National Park





No, we didn't stop at Wasilla. At the time of our tour, we knew nothing about the governor of Alaska. She hadn't been nominated yet.  




We were up 5 A.M. Sunday morning for an early flight to Anchorage. The flight arrived via Juneau in time to be transported to the 10:45 A.M. U. U. morning service. It was based on a poetry theme and in the middle of the service, a congregant spotted a moose right outside a window and announced the fact. The minister was about to read her poem and denied us the privilege of seeing it. Oh Well. We'll probably see another moose before the trip ends. 

        After lunch at the Raven's Call Cafe, we went to our afternoon event, a tour of the

  Alaska Native Heritage Center

All Alaskans
Represented through Culture

Above is the Welcome House. To the right is the Site Map of the facility. It was a self guided tour of the various places you could visit. We took the tour as well as the pictures presented below. I'll include some of Jim's Cinquains. 

Lots of ways to enter and leave these quarters. 

Anchorage UU Pot Luck

Ample Food
Determined to Entertain
Girl’s Band/Singing Dianes

End of day. Tomorrow, we are off to Seward on the famous 
Alaska Scenic Railroad

Anchorage UU Service

Forum / Service
Emphasis on Journey
Understanding through Discussion/Poetry

Elaine is standing near the head of a complete whale skeleton.

Unitarian Universalists

Former Catholics
Rejecting the Irrational
Chance to Poke Fun