The Final Bangkok Wrap-up

For our final two days in Bangkok, we decided to see and photograph things we failed to see in our first three days. This was the place we ate breakfast every day. They had some very nice toast with jam and would do it without butter if we asked. It was a block from the hotel.
We took the short walk to the Oriental Ferry stop. These people were certainly coming off the last boat.
By the time we got there, there was another boat disgorging the large crowd of persons. This is a very popular stop since the Oriental Hotel is the top-of-the-line luxury hotel in the area. Fred always looks for a Crown Plaza Hotel in the neighborhood of the top luxury hotel -- modest price with a good location. The Crown Plaza cost us about $28 per night apiece. Not Bad!
And we were off on our long boat excursion.

Below, we passed again the miserable looking shacks that lined the river.

But this time, I had my 210 mm telephoto lens, and I caught a picture of a lad washing his clothes in that polluted river.
To the left is an enlarged picture of a temple located right on the river, and below, a lady is washing her hair, again in a river that is very polluted.
Above, we went right by the largest can of Singha beer we ever saw.

We stopped off to look at the food market and the flower market where those wares are sold to merchants. This was the only place in Bangkok where we were not pestered to buy something.

Fred and I were directed to a Jeweler where, we were told, we could get a good buy. We bought, and after having our jewelry assessed back at home, we didn't do badly.

The view above tells us that we are approaching the hotels for the last time. They are all clustered in the south part of the central city, all very near the river.
To the left is the Oriental terminal as seen from the river and above is the last boat I will ever ride in Bangkok leaving the terminal after we left.
Above, there was nothing better than a swim in the wonderful hotel pool. I didn't bring a suit, but managed to buy a shocking lime one at the nite market in Chaing Mei.

To the right, Fred and I ate dinner every evening in Bangkok at the Holiday Inn Thai restaurant. The food was magnificent, and the entertainment was really splendid. Every evening, they had live musicians and presented several sets of Thai dancing.

This ends our wonderful trip the Thailand. The rest of the pictures feature our welcome home in Greenville and pictures of many of the gifts I bought. It's a more personal page for our family. Table of Contents