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Welcome Home, Marv and Fred!

Well, for Fred, perhaps. I was only in Greenville, South Carolina, which is a good 10 hours from Maryland. My welcome party was Catherine, Joan, wife of brother Ken, and dear, sweet, sister Helen who couldn't go with Fred to Thailand, leaving you-know-who a chance to go.
Above is Jamie, playing with a little marionette Fred brought back for his child-to-be. Above is dinner and to the right, you can just make out Helen playing in the bell choir at their Church on Sunday, the day after we arrived.
Monday, the next day, I was planning to drive back to Maryland in the morning. But, my sleep system was still so screwed up, I woke up at midnight wide awake, since it was noon in Bangkok. I tried to sleep, but finally gave up, got up, dressed and left Greenville at about 1 A.M. and was home by noon. I had some gifts to share and some of them are pictured here.

To the right are some beautiful silk scarves I bought at one of the silk stores in Chiang Mai.

And below is an outfit I bought for Kris, and to its right, a picture Andy took of Kris wearing it.

And below, is a gift for Ruth for her Birthday on May 13. The picture on the right is what I purchased at the jewelry store in Bangkok. When I take a picture of Elaine wearing it, I will replace the boxed jewelry with a more personalized view..

That's it. Probably more than you ever wanted to know about Thailand. I had a marvelous time on the trip and I am very grateful to our web technology for having the opportunity to revisit the scene in making up this travelogue. I am also very grateful for those of you who took the time to look at it. I hope you enjoyed some of it, and if you have any suggestions which could make this kind of thing more enjoyable, please let me know by sending me your comments.
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